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BENJAMIN MORTIMER, Producer/Production Assistant
Benjamin has been a longtime personal friend of ours. Whenever possible, he has provided both financial support and production help on Skeleton Crew films. He teaches entry-level computer classes locally at Heald College while working on his Bachelor's Degree and leading three of the most questionable ninjas of the Bay Area through Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns.

BRANDON WITTE, Staff Artist/Production Assistant
Enjoying the amusing looking skulls liberally sprinkled all over Skeleton Crew's site and media? You have Brandon to thank for those. Brandon has a long history of sacrificing time, energy, gasoline, and cooking utensils in the name of aiding our productions. He currently attends the Academy of Art in San Francisco, studying Illustration.
LAURA OSBURN, Make-up Artist
Laura's most vital contribution up until this point may very well have been coming out at the eleventh hour to properly apply and prepare an axe wound effect in the production of Sleep, but since then has handled make-up effects for Channel Zero and will be doing so again for the City of Shadows pilot. She is also an accomplished stage manager, and has worked for the Hypnodrome grand guignol theatre in San Francisco.
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